Roland Zimmerlis Old World Game Meat Processing


Welcome to Alpen Naturez. I’m Roland Zimmerli.

I was born and raised in Switzerland. After graduating from public school, I entered an apprenticeship as a butcher at age 15. Following my Masters instructions for three years, I graduated with high grades. I spent one year in the French part of Switzerland learning the French language. At 19, I entered a culinary school in a first class hotel. Two years later, I mastered the hotel industry and received my second diploma. Then I was called into the Swiss Army and was trained to be a chef for a company of 180 soldiers.

In 1990, I moved to Dayton, Nevada to learn English for one year. After that year, I moved back to Switzerland and planned on going into the hotel management School. Instead I cancelled my plans and moved back to Reno in 1992. I worked as a chef in a German restaurant and from that point on, I called Reno my new home.

As time went on, I became interested in the sport of hunting and met several friends in the hunting community. After talking with several of them, I learned of their disappointment of how their harvested meat had been butchered.

 I have a passion for processing meat the correct way.

This is why I had to produce these 2 DVDs Old World Game Meat Processing Vol. 1: Deer and Vol. 2: Elk.  Process your own Deer and Elk serving great tasting meat with pride to your family and guests.